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What is the HD Radio Artist Experience™? - January 12, 2012 by HD AM Radio

You see it in the ads and the term is list as one of the features for HD Radio devices…. But what is the HD Radio Artist Experience™?

When you tune in a station, along with the music a synchronous transmission of data can display images on the receiver related to the specific audio segment. Cover Art… Continue reading

NAVTEQ to Power Garmin Devices Through HD Radio(TM) Technology - December 23, 2011 by HD AM Radio

NAVTEQ can now deliver Traffic updates approximately every 30 seconds over 270,000 miles of the HD Radio(TM) broadcasting system across the United States. The ultra-rich transmission is 4 – 10 times faster than other traffic services making this the world’s most extensive and fastest traffic service a consumer can find. The enabled technology is given that NAVTEQ… Continue reading

HD Radio(TM) Technology: A First in Kia Vehicles - September 27, 2011 by HD AM Radio

The first Kia vehicles equipped with HD Radio Technology – 2012 model-year Optima, Sorento and Sportage – have begun arriving in showrooms. Continue reading

HD Radio & Home Theater Sound in the Car - April 25, 2011 by HD AM Radio

DTS a leader in high-definition audio, announced today that its HD Radio Technology surround sound content initiative with partners American Public Media, Minnesota Public Radio, JazzSet with Dee Dee Bridgewater from NPR Music, the Cleveland Institute of Music and others has resulted in more than 750 stations broadcasting original surround sound events and content to millions of listeners across the U.S. DTS has been a surround sound leader for HD Radio Technology in the United States since 2004….. Continue reading

Pocket Size Entertainment Systems - January 26, 2011 by HD AM Radio

Advances in electronics has given everyone to ability to enjoy music, movies, and even TV shows, anytime, anywhere. The pocket size entertainment systems all boil down to features and price. When you compare units…..HD radio just might tip the scale.


  Continue reading

New HD Radio Features for 2011 - January 16, 2011 by HD AM Radio

The HD Radio Technology featured at the latest Consumer Electronics Show (CE) raised the bar with products for Home, Portable, Auto and iPod/iPhone; as well as the 2011 Ford Fusion, VW Jetta, and Subaru Forester, each equipped with HD Radio Technology. Continue reading

HD Radio 101 – How it Works - November 23, 2010 by HD AM Radio

Almost everyone has heard of it, but other than the improved sound quality….whats the big deal? Well if your interested in understanding what the buzz has been about then watch this explanation so you can how it works. Continue reading

Ford Focus and Sony’s HD Radio - November 22, 2010 by HD AM Radio

The all-new Ford Focus will be the first premium small car to bring sound quality and component design from Sony to drivers, plus segment-exclusive features such as HD Radio and iTunes Tagging, with the availability of the new 355-watt audio system from Sony. With HD Radio also comes segment-first iTunes Tagging. A simple push of the “TAG” button…. Continue reading

Factory iTunes Tagging – 2011 Lincoln MKX - September 6, 2010 by HD AM Radio

The 2011 Lincoln MKX is the first car to offers factory-installed HD Radio with iTunes Tagging.

Songs are tagged in the car by way of a button on the receiver’s touchscreen display. When users dock an iPod with the car’s SYNC system, the song info transfers to the iPod. When the iPod is synced with iTunes, the tagged songs appear in a playlist where they can be previewed and purchased. Continue reading

Ford Promotes HD Radio in 2011 Edge - August 5, 2010 by HD AM Radio

2010 ford edge
Ford is highlighting the benefits of HD radio as part of its new radio ad campaign for the 2011 Edge. The Edge is set to hit dealerships in the fall and will offer the world’s first automotive implementation of iTunes Tagging in a factory-installed HD Radio receiver… Continue reading

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HD Car Radio

JVC KTHDPK1 Transportable HD Receiver with Car Kit This JVC HD radio tuner adapts to most vehicles and features a thin and slim design with built-in HD, FM and AM tuners. Using the included car kit, this receiver allows you to listen to your favorite high-definition radio programming while driving.

HD Table Radio with iPod Dock

Jensen(r) JiMS-525i Docking HD Radio(tm) System for iPod(r) Wake up to your favorite playlists with the Jensen JiMS-525i Docking HD Radio System for iPod. This sytem will charge your iPod while you are listening to it, or you can enjoy the quality that HD radio has to offer. The built-in AM/FM stereo receiver picks up digital AM/FM signals that are broadcast just like traditional radio stations but that can only be received by an HD radio receiver. No subscriptions required, this radio lets you enjoy brilliant, crisp radio with incredible fidelity.

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